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RichFaces 3.2.1 GA has been released. Following is a small list of new features and bug-fixes:

New Features Introduced

  • Plug’n'Skin feature introduced
  • Demo laguna skin created using plug’n'skin
  • Suggestion Box improved (JS API for calling suggestion and accessing selected Objects added)
  • Sorting futher improvements (Sorting objects not strings)
  • Filtering further improvements (default input corrected and styled)
  • DataScroller? improved (multiple instances behaviour and page binding corrected)
  • componentControl and contextMenu attachement improved

Bug Fixes

  • dataTable and sorting, filtering features (corrections on decode)
  • scrollableDataTable fixes (Scrolling and loading data problems, cross-browser support fixes)
  • ComboBox? fixes (according to customers feedback)
  • File Upload improvements and fixes (according to community feedback and internal tests)
  • Character encoding problems(according to customers feedback)
  • Memory leaks and perfomance fixes (according to customers feedback)
  • MyFaces specific fixes
  • Opera browser support fixes

JBoss have released version 2.0.2.CR2 of JBoss Seam, the premier Java EE framework. This release includes a lot of bug fixes and feature requests including the use of RichFaces 3.1.4.

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