I have been spending a lot of time trying to find out how a technical person can get business. Basically, once we technologists start talking technology, it puts most people to sleep. And trying to pitch business to sleeping people somehow doesn’t work :-) .

I have been busy organising Glasgow Business Network and Glasgow Technology Network. In addition, I am now working on many projects.

In my next article I am planning to talk about JSP, Spring and Hibernate. Why am I moving away from JBoss Seam? Well, I am going for quiet a few interviews at the moment and most companies are interested in JSP/JSF, Spring and Hibernate.

And best way to learn is by actually doing a small project. In addition to doing the project, I also intend to put all the steps, explanation and source code here on my blog.

Why? Just so that I can refer back to it myself later on :-) .

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